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59:1  Whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is on the earth celebrates the praise of Allâh and declares His absolute majesty and glory. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise.
59:2  He is the One Who caused (Banū al-Nadīr) who Fell away from the Faith among the people of the Book to go forth from their homes to the first exile. You did not deem that they would go forth while they thought that their strongholds would defend them against (the wrath of) Allâh. But the (chastisement of) Allâh came to them whence they never expected. And He cast terror into their hearts. So they destroyed their own houses by their own hands, and by the hands of the Monotheistic Believers. Now, therefore, take close heed, O' you who have achieved a high level of spiritual insight.
59:3  Had it not been that Allâh had decreed exile for them, He would surely have punished them in this worldly life, and theirs in the Hereafter is the chastisement of the Fire.
59:4  That is because they opposed Allâh and His Messenger. Whosoever opposes Allâh (let him be sure that) Allâh is extremely severe in punishment.
59:5  Whatever palm-tree you cut down or leave it standing upon its roots, that was by the will of Allâh, and that He might humiliate those who indulge in personal disobedience extensively without repentance.
59:6  Whatever Allâh gives as spoil to His Messenger from them, you urge not any horse or riding-camel. But Allâh gives authority to His Messengers against whom He wills. Lo! Allâh is Most Capable of doing whatever He desires.
59:7  That which Allâh gives as spoil to His Messenger from the people of the towns: it is for (the cause of) Allâh and for the Messenger, as well as for the near of kin, the orphans, the needy ones and the wayfarer, so that it may not become a fortune used by the rich among you. So whatever the Messenger gives you, accept it (with pleasure). And whatever he forbids, abstain from it and do act piously toward Allâh. Verily, Allâh is extremely severe in punishment.
59:8  The spoils of war is for the poor immigrants who were expelled from their homes and their possessions, seeking bounty from Allâh and His pleasure, and for giving support to the cause of Allâh and His Messenger. These are indeed the truthful.
59:9  As for those who had homes in the City (Medina), and adhered to Faith before the arrival of the immigrants, they love whoever immigrates to them, do not find in their hearts any need of that which those others have been given, and prefer (the immigrants) over themselves even though they may be in need. Whoever is protected from their own parsimony, they are the ones who will ultimately achieve a blissful life / or gain eternal salvation.
59:10  And those who come after them will say: “Our Lord! Forgive us and our brethren, who were before us in faith, and leave not in our hearts any malevolence toward those who live by Faith. Our Lord! You are indeed Full of Compassion, Most Merciful.”
59:11  Have you not seen the behavior of those who indulge in hypocrisy? They say to their brethren who fell away from the Faith among the people of the Scripture: “If it happens that you are expelled, we will surely leave with you. And we will never yield to the whims of anyone who is against you. And if it happens that you are attacked, we will assist you and go with you to fight by your side.” But Allâh bears witness that they are truly the inventors of lying.
59:12  Verily, if it happens that they are expelled, those who indulge in hypocrisy will never leave with them. And if it happens that they are attacked, they will never assist them and go to fight with their side. Consequently, if they were to assist them and to go to fight with their side, they would turn their back and flee from the battle, leaving them helpless.
59:13  Indeed, there is more fear in their hearts for you than for (the wrath of) Allâh. That is because they are a people who do lack the spiritual wisdom and understanding.
59:14  They will not venture to fight against you all together except in fortified villages or from behind walls. Their brutality among themselves is very intense. You would think they were united but the fact is that their hearts are divided. That is because they are a people who lack the ability to perceive and understand.
59:15  They are like the example of those who, a short time before, tasted the dreadful consequences of their evil deeds, and they will have to incur a painful chastisement.
59:16  (Those who indulge in hypocrisy are) like the example of Satan when he says to the human being: "Abnegate (the Absolute Oneness of) Allâh." But when he abnegates, he says (to him): "Indeed, I disown you. I fear (the wrath of) Allâh, the Lord of all the beings".
59:17  So the consequences for both of them will be that they will be in the Fire: therein they will live forever. This is the chastisement for those who have voluntarily and consciously abandoned the Full Knowledge of the Truth in favour of their own whims.
59:18  O’ you who live by Faith! act piously towards Allâh. And let every person look to what it has sent forth for the morrow. Act piously towards Allâh. For He is most certainly All-Aware of whatsoever you do.
59:19  Do not be like those who forgot to act piously toward Allâh and so He caused them to forget their own selves. These are the ones who indulge in personal disobedience extensively without repentance.
59:20  Not equal are the Denizens of Hell and the Denizens of Al-Jannah. The Denizens of Al-Jannah are (indeed) the ones who have achieved eternal salvation.
59:21  Had We caused this Qur’ān to descend upon a mountain, you would certainly have seen it falling down, splitting asunder out of reverence and awe of Allâh. We set forth these parables to men so that they may persist in meditation.
59:22  He is Allâh besides Whom there is no other god, the All-Knowing of the unseen and the visible. He is the True Merciful, the Most Merciful.
59:23  He is Allâh besides Whom there is no other God, the Sovereign, the Holy One, the Giver of Peace, the Giver of Security, the Guardian, the Almighty, the Omnipotent, the Supreme. All Glory Be To Allâh from all whatsoever they associate with Him.
59:24  He is Allâh, the Creator, the Inventor, the Fashioner. Unto Him belong the Most Honorable and Gracious Names. Whatever is in the heavens or on the earth does celebrate His praise and declare His absolute majesty and glory. For He is the Almighty, the All-Wise.