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59:1  Everything in the heavens and the earth chants the praises of Allah! He is the most Powerful and the Wisest
59:2  It is He Who drove the disbelievers, the people of the book, from their homes at the very start of assembly (the siege against them). You never thought they would depart (without resistance). And they thought their strongholds would defend them against Allah. But Allah came upon them from where they least expected. He cast terror in their hearts, so they ruined their homes with their own hands, and the hands of the believers. So learn the lesson, Oh you, endowed with sights
59:3  Had Allah not decreed (the life of) exile for them, He would certainly have punished them in this world. The punishment by fire is (in store) for them in the afterlife
59:4  This is so, because they acted in defiance of Allah and His messenger. Whoever goes against (the will of) Allah (should know that) Allah is indeed very Severe in reprisal
59:5  It was with Allah´s permission that you cut down (some of) the date palm trees and left (others) standing on their stems, in order that He might disgrace the evildoers
59:6  Allah granted their possessions to His messenger, as spoils (of war). You did not throw your horses and your camels (in battle) against them. Allah gives dominance to His messenger over whatever He pleases. Allah is capable of (doing) everything
59:7  The booty Allah granted to His messenger from the people of the town is for (the sake of) Allah, His messenger, the relatives (of the messenger), the orphans, the poor (and the needy), and the wayfarers; so that wealth may not get (hoarded) amongst your well to do. Accept what the Messenger grants you and stay away from what he forbids! Fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is very Severe in reprisal
59:8  (The booties are) for the poor immigrants who were driven out of their homes and (deprived of) their belongings, those who seek the bounties of Allah and His pleasures. They help (the cause of) Allah and His messenger! Such are truly the faithful ones
59:9  And the booties are for those who had houses (in the city) and had accepted the faith before others. (Because) they really love the immigrants who were driven out of their homes and came to them (for help). They do not entertain any greed in their hearts for what others have been given. They prefer others over themselves, even though they are poor. Those who escape the greed within their own hearts, are really the successful ones
59:10  Those who followed them (in faith) say, "Our Lord! Grant us forgiveness and also (grant forgiveness) to our brothers who preceded us in faith. Do not put hatred in our hearts for the believers. Our Lord, you are certainly the most Forgiving and the most Kind!"
59:11  Did you not observe the hypocrites? They say to their disbelieving friends, the people of the scriptures, "If you are banished (from town), then we too shall depart with you. We will never listen to anyone against you. We will come to your aid if war is waged upon you." Allah bears witness that they are surely the liars
59:12  Very definitely! If they, (the people of the book), are banished, the hypocrites will not depart with them. If they, (the people of the book), are attacked, the hypocrites will not come to their aid. They (the hypocrites) will turn their backs (and desert their allies), if they (at all) come to their aid. No help shall they receive, then
59:13  Indeed, in their hearts they fear you much more than they fear Allah. This is so because they are a nation that does not comprehend
59:14  They will not unite to fight you as a single force, except in fortified villages or from behind walls. Their enmity and aversion for each other is intense. You consider them united, but their hearts are divided! This is so because they are a nation that does not understand
59:15  They are (exactly) like their immediate predecessors who tasted the evil result of their conduct. A painful punishment is (in store) for them
59:16  (The hypocrites are) like Shaitan! He suggests to man, "Refute the truth! (be ungrateful)!" But as soon as man denies the truth, (Shaitan) says, "I am absolved of your sins! Indeed, I fear Allah, the Lord of the universe."
59:17  The final outcome would be: both of them _ (Shaitan the enticer, and the man accepting his suggestion) _ would be (thrown) in the fire. Both would live there forever! And that is the befitting treatment for the evildoers
59:18  Oh you who believe, fear Allah! Each one should take stock! What (kind of deeds) has he sent forth for tomorrow, (the Day of Judgment)? Fear Allah! Indeed, He is well Aware of what you do
59:19  Do not be like those who forgot Allah, and (so) He made them forget their own selves. Such indeed are the disobedient ones
59:20  The companions of fire and the dwellers of paradise are not equal. It is the dwellers of paradise, who are certainly the successful ones
59:21  Had We sent this Qur´an upon a mountain, you would have surely seen it humbled _ burst asunder and trembling with the fear of Allah. These are (but) examples We quote for (the benefit of) mankind. Perhaps they would ponder
59:22  He is Allah! There is no god except Him, the Knower of the unseen and the manifest! He is the most Beneficent and the most Merciful
59:23  He is Allah! There is no god except Him, the King, the most Holy, the Grantor of peace, the Grantor of all security, the Majestic, the Compeller, and the ever Supreme! Exalted is Allah! Far above the partners they associate with Him
59:24  He is Allah, the Creator, the Ultimate Inventor, and the Grantor of shapes and forms. The best of all names belong to Him! Everything in the heavens and on earth chants His praises! He is the Almighty and the Wisest