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95:1  By the figs and the olives (might refer to Mt. of olives just outside the wall of AL-Quds (Jerusolem) where Isa (Jesus) was sent or to the parable of Allah's light) – see Y.Ali, note, 619
95:2  And by Mount Sinai (where, Allah declared in words His Supreme Majesty to Mussa (Moses)
95:3  And by this town -Macca-, the haven which confers security (where you Muhammad were chosen for the final mission
95:4  We created man in the best of shape and form and distinctly upright
95:5  Then We abased the proud to an inhabitant of the realm of Hell in requital of his ill-deeds
95:6  But not those who believed with hearts impressed with religious and spiritual virtues and deeds of wisdom and piety; these will have passed through nature to Eternity
95:7  And so, what then drives people in the light of all this to deny religion and deny judgment by Allah your Creator
95:8  Is Allah not the Most just of all judges Who will compensate those who were wronged in life and were oppressed and their grievances no one ever redressed