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88:1  Has there come to you the chronicle of the overwhelming event?
88:2  Some faces, on that day, will be downcast,
88:3  Labouring, toiling,
88:4  Scorched by blazing fire,
88:5  Drinking from a fiercely boiling spring,
88:6  No food for them except bitter thorny plant,
88:7  Neither nourishes nor satisfies the hunger cravings.
88:8  Other faces, on that day, will be radiant with delight,
88:9  Fully content with their endeavor,
88:10  In a High Garden
88:11  Where they will hear no evil vain talk.
88:12  Wherein is a running fountain,
88:13  Wherein in are uplifted couches,
88:14  Goblets put in their place,
88:15  Cushions set in rows,
88:16  And fine carpets spread out.
88:17  Do they not contemplate how the camel was created,
88:18  How the sky was lifted up,
88:19  How the mountains were firmly fixed,
88:20  And how the earth was outstretched?
88:21  Now, therefore, admonish, for you have been sent only to admonish.
88:22  You are not appointed to be in control of them.
88:23  As for the one who takes no heed and acts impiously-
88:24  Allâh will punish him with the greatest punishment.
88:25  Verily to Us will be their return,
88:26  Then verily with Us will be their reckoning.