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71:1  We indeed sent Noah to his people [saying], “Do warn your people before a painful punishment comes upon them.”
71:2  He said, “O my people! I indeed for you am a warner most evident.
71:3  That you should serve Allah and revere Him and obey me.
71:4  Then He will forgive you your sins and will give you respite till an appointed term. Truly when Allah’s term comes, it is not delayed if you only knew.”
71:5  He said, “O my Lord! I indeed have called my people night and day.
71:6  But my call increased them in nothing except in flight.”
71:7  And indeed each time I call them so that You may forgive them, they put their fingers in their ears and they cover their faces with their dresses and they persisted and they grew more arrogant in their arrogance.
71:8  Then I indeed called them openly.
71:9  Then I indeed made the call public for them and made the call private for them.
71:10  So I told them, “Seek forgiveness from your Lord, for He truly is Oft-Forgiving.
71:11  Then He will send the rain on you in abundance.
71:12  And He will provide you with plenty of wealth and children and He will make for you gardens and He will make for you rivers.
71:13  What is the matter with you that you do not conceive dignity for Allah?
71:14  When it is He indeed Who created you stage by stage.
71:15  Do you not see how Allah created seven heavens in layers?
71:16  And He put the moon therein as a light and He made the sun a brilliant lamp.
71:17  And Allah made you grow out of the earth a growing.
71:18  And then He will put you back therein and He will bring you out [of it] a bringing.
71:19  And Allah has made the earth for you smooth and in level.
71:20  So that you may travel in it in ways wide and extended.”
71:21  Noah said, “O My Lord! They have indeed disobeyed me and have followed one whose wealth and children increase him in nothing except loss.
71:22  And they plotted a mighty plot.
71:23  And they said, ‘Abandon not your gods and abandon not the Wadda nor Suwa’ nor Yaghootha nor Yaooqa nor Nasra.’
71:24  And they indeed have caused many to go astray so do not increase the wrongdoers except in misguidance.”
71:25  Because of their inequities, they were drowned and they were made to enter a fire but they found no helpers for them besides Allah.
71:26  And Noah said, “O my Lord! Do not leave on the earth from the disbelievers anyone to walk around.
71:27  For indeed if you leave them [in the earth], they will misguide Your servants and they will breed nothing but transgressing disbeliever.
71:28  O my Lord! Grant me forgiveness and unto my both parents and unto such who enters my house as a believer and unto all the believing men and believing women and increase not the wrongdoers except in destruction.”