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71:1  We sent Nuh (Noah) to his people: warn your people before a painful punishment reaches them.
71:2  He said: oh my people, I am a clear warner to you,
71:3  That you must serve Allah and beware of Him and obey me.
71:4  He will forgive you of your sins and give you time until a fixed date, for when the date of Allah comes, it cannot be delayed, if only you knew.
71:5  He said: my Lord, I called my people night and day.
71:6  But my call only made them avoid me more.
71:7  And each time I call them so You forgive them, they place their fingers in their ears and pull their clothes over themselves and persist and are arrogant.
71:8  Then I called them openly.
71:9  Then I talked to them frankly and in private.
71:10  And I said: seek forgiveness from your Lord, for He is forgiving.
71:11  He will send abundant rain from the sky for you,
71:12  And will expand wealth and children for you and give you gardens and give you rivers.
71:13  What is the matter with you that you don´t have any hope for the greatness of Allah?
71:14  When He created you in stages.
71:15  Don´t you see how Allah created seven heavens in layers?
71:16  And He placed the moon in them as a light and placed the sun as a lamp.
71:17  And Allah made plants grow for you from the earth.
71:18  Then He returns you to it and brings you out again.
71:19  And Allah spread the earth out for you.
71:20  So that you follow its cut-out paths.
71:21  Nuh (Noah) said: my Lord, they disobey me and follow those whose wealth and children only increase them in loss.
71:22  And they schemed a grand scheme.
71:23  And said: don´t abandon your gods and don´t abandon Wadd, Suwa´, Yaghuth, Ya´uq and Nasr.
71:24  And they mislead many and only increase the wrongdoers in error.
71:25  On account of their sins they were drowned and entered the fire, and you will not find a helper for them against Allah.
71:26  And Nuh (Noah) said: my Lord, do not leave a single house of those who reject (the truth) on earth.
71:27  For if you leave them, they will mislead your servants and only give birth to those who are immoral and reject (the truth).
71:28  My Lord, forgive me and my parents and those who enter my home as believers, and the believing men and women, and only increase the wrongdoers in ruin.