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71:1  We sent Noah to his people: “Warn your people before a grievous penalty comes to them.”
71:2  (Noah) said, “O my people, I am an explicit and open advisor to you.
71:3  “[This is] so you may worship and revere Allah and obey me [as His servant].
71:4  “He will forgive you for your sins and give you respite for a definite term. When a decided term is completed by Allah, it cannot be delayed, if you only knew.”
71:5  (Noah) said, “O my Lord, I have called to my people day and night.
71:6  “But my call only increases their flight.
71:7  “Every time I have called to them so You might forgive them, they have thrust their fingers into their ears. [They have] pulled their garments over themselves, become obstinate, and acquired arrogance.
71:8  “I have called to them aloud.
71:9  “I have spoken to them publicly and privately.
71:10  “(I have said), ‘Ask forgiveness from your Lord, for He is Most Forgiving.
71:11  “‘He will send rain abundantly.
71:12  “‘[He will] increase your wealth and sons, and bestow on you gardens and running water.
71:13  “‘What is the matter with you that you do not place your hope for kindness and patience in Allah?
71:14  “‘Indeed, He created you in stages.
71:15  “‘Can’t you see that Allah has created the seven layers of skies?
71:16  “‘[Can’t you see that He] made the moon a light in their midst and made the sun as a lamp?
71:17  “‘Allah has made you from earth, developing.
71:18  “‘In the finale, He will return you to it and raise you again.
71:19  “‘Allah has made the earth like a carpet for you.
71:20  “‘[This] so you may travel on it on wide roads.’”
71:21  Noah said, “O my Lord, they have disobeyed me. They follow those whose wealth and children give them no gain but only loss.
71:22  “They have devised a big plot.
71:23  “They have said, ‘Do not forsake your gods. Do not forsake [your gods] Wadd or Suwa or Yaghuth or Ya’uq or Nasr.’
71:24  “They have already misled many. Do not grant any increase to the sinners except in sin.”
71:25  It is because of their sins they were drowned and made to enter the fire. They found that, other than Allah, there was no one to help them.
71:26  Noah said, “O my Lord, do not leave a single one of the unbelievers on earth.
71:27  “If You leave them, they will only mislead your servants. They will breed only immoral, ungrateful ones.
71:28  “O my Lord, forgive me, my parents, all who enter my house in faith, believing men, and believing women. To the sinners, grant no increase except in punishment.”