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71:1  Indeed, We sent Nuh to his people with a message: “Warn your people before a painful punishment comes to them.”
71:2  He told them, “My people! I am a clear warner to you,
71:3  so worship Allah, be mindful of Him and obey me,
71:4  then He will forgive your sins and spare you until your appointed time. When Allah’s deadline comes, it cannot be delayed, I wish you understood.
71:5  He prayed: “My Lord, I called my people day and night,
71:6  my calling has only increased them in fleeing further and further away.
71:7  Each time I invited them to Your forgiveness, they put their fingers into their ears, covered themselves up with their garments, persisted in their disbelief and were thoroughly arrogant.
71:8  I invited them openly,
71:9  then in public, and in private with the utmost discretion
71:10  I told them, ‘Seek your Lord’s forgiveness; He is Most Forgiving
71:11  He will send plenty of rain for you from the sky,
71:12  and bless you with wealth, children, provide for you gardens, and provide for you rivers.
71:13  What’s the matter with you that you don’t fear the Majesty of Allah?
71:14  Yet He created you in stages.
71:15  Haven’t you considered how Allah created the Seven Heavens one above the other?
71:16  He placed the moon as a light, and the sun as a lamp.
71:17  Allah produced you from the Earth like plants,
71:18  then He will return you to it, and will bring you out from it.
71:19  And Allah spread out the Earth for you,
71:20  so you may travel over its broad paths and valleys.’
71:21  Eventually Nuh prayed: “My Lord, they disobeyed me and followed those whose wealth and children increased them in loss.
71:22  They devised a scheme of great magnitude:
71:23  they tell them, ‘Don’t abandon your gods and don’t abandon Wadd, Suwa’, Yaghuth, Ya‘uq or Nasr.’
71:24  They have misled many; My Lord, do not increase the wicked except from going further and further astray from the Truth.”
71:25  Due to their sins, they were drowned and then thrown into Hell; they couldn’t find any helper for them against Allah.
71:26  Nuh prayed: “My Lord, don’t leave any disbelievers on Earth;
71:27  if you left them, they will misguide Your servants, and breed more wicked disbelievers.
71:28  My Lord, forgive me and my parents and whoever enters my house as a believer, believing men and women. Don’t increase the wicked except in utter destruction.