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71:1  We sent Nuh to his people to warn them of disobeying Allah lest they should suffer before long His retributory punishment
71:2  Nuh said to them: "My people I am sent to you as a spectacle and a warning to caution you in clear and plain words of impending danger and misfortunes"
71:3  "Worship Allah and stand in awe of Him and entertain the Profound reverence dutiful to Him, perform duly what He commends and reject what He forbids, and obey me"
71:4  "He forgives you your iniquities, extends your period of duration, and He cancels your misfortunes and your punishment", " for when Allah's fixed date for punishment is due, it shall not be postponed ever, if only you knew"
71:5  He -Nuh- said: "O Allah, I admonished my people night and day, dutifully obedient to Your command"
71:6  "But as often as I admonished them to adhere to what is in conformity with truth and in agreement with reality, the farther their opposition ran into the region of prejudice"
71:7  "As often as I invited them to present them with inducements to follow your Commendable path and merit your forgiveness, their ears counseled deaf, and in obstinacy they hugged to their hearts their old irreverent conviction of disbelief, hid their faces and overweened themselves in arrogance and inordinate self-esteem"
71:8  "I also", Nuh continues, " proclaimed to them Your message by public discourse"
71:9  "and openly and secretly did I exhort them, and in secret did I share knowledge with a limited number to promote the cause and observe the essential features in order to secure some end"
71:10  I said to them: "Invoke your Creator's forgiveness; He has always been Forgiving and has always relented, and quit those who solemnly repented, all His debt"
71:11  "He shall pour down upon you rain and blessings that may bring you into people of Condition"
71:12  "and bestow on you wealth, progeny and manpower, and gardens and orchards abounding in streams and rivers, and make all grace abound in you"
71:13  "Why are you people notably deficient in real reverence for Allah's Authority and you do not entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him
71:14  ,When His creation evinces both wisdom and Omnipotence. It was He Who created you not only in an orderly manner, but also in progressive stages; from a notfa amshag -zygote- and a clinging organism. you become a rudimentary being -embryo- then you come to be a developing being -foetus- then you come out of the womb a new-born babe, then you grow to maturity. Similarly -and in amore general sense- did He create the universe, from the gaseous stage to the stage of concentration then to the final stage of solidification of cosmic matter and the animate beings from the unicellular to the multicellular to the organific
71:15  Nuh added, "do you not see how Allah created seven heavens one above the other and how infinite is the expanse and immense are the constellations. How distant one constellation is from the other and unique in orientation, how an inert moon or any planetary body varies appearance according to the extent of her illumination, how the sun and the moon are made to subserve life and time computation. How the lower heaven has been embellished with countless glittering colossal fiery bodies featuring ornamentation, yet those whom He permits to penetrate deep into heaven find it veiled with darkness as if there were no stars featuring decoration"
71:16  "How in all amid them stood the moon - the satellite of the earth dispensing light to dispel the darkness of the night, and He made the sun candescent and a body giving natural light "
71:17  "How Allah sprang you up from the earth and from it did He make you vegetate and germinate"
71:18  "Then back to it shall He return you at death, and then shall He unearth you and resurrect you at a later date"
71:19  "how He outspread* for you the earth and carpeted it under your feet, and on it He raised mountains** stabilizing and concrete"
71:20  " In order for you to inhabit it and settle on it and to move about as you please
71:21  Nuh said: "My Allah, they -my people- disparaged me and disobeyed me, and they obeyed the voice of those who disbelieved the truth and shall profit nothing by their wealth and progeny except to be lost to ruin"
71:22  "With cleverness in circumventing, they had recourse to stratagem"
71:23  "They declared in explicit terms never to renounce their gods nor the idols, designated after legendary righteous men,: Waddun and Suwa'un, nor abandon Yaghutha, Ya'uqa and Nasrun"*
71:24  "And with such idols they misled so many"; "therefore, I beseech You Allah to lead the wicked so astray that they sink deeper and deeper into error"
71:25  Therefore on account of their countless transgressions of the divine laws and their offenses against Allah, they were drowned in the flood, and their disembodied souls have been imprisoned in Hell, and they found no one to afford them protection from Allah's retributory punishment
71:26  "O Allah, my Creator, Nuh prayed", "I beseech you to leave no one of these sinful infidels dwelling on the surface of the earth"
71:27  "For if You leave them or any of them behind, and You give them respite, they will only mislead your worshippers of future generations and engender none but a wicked, morally depraved, unhealthy and distasteful creature, who will sin his own mercies"
71:28  Nuh then prayed: "O Allah, my Creator, forgive me and my parents and all who enter my house with Your supreme Majesty imprinted upon their hearts and impressed on their minds, and forgive all the believers among the men and the women; and confer gratuitously on the wicked nothing but ruin and losses here and Hereafter"