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60:1  Oh you believers, do not take My enemy and your enemy as protectors, showing love towards them when they have rejected the truth you have received and expelled the messenger and you because you believe in Allah, your Lord, when you go out striving in My way and seeking My contentment, but you secretly show love towards them, and I know best what you conceal and what you disclose, and whoever amongst you does that, he has strayed from the level way.
60:2  When they get hold of you they are enemies to you and stretch their hands out against you and talk bad of you and love that you would reject (the truth).
60:3  Your family ties and children will not benefit you on the day of resurrection when He will judge between you, and Allah sees what you do.
60:4  There is a beautiful example for you in Ibrahim (Abraham) and those with him when they said to their people: we are free of you and what you serve besides Allah, we reject you, and enmity and hatred will forever exist between us until you believe in Allah alone; except for Ibrahim (Abraham) saying to his father: I will ask forgiveness for you, and I cannot avail you the least before Allah; our Lord, on You we rely and to You we repent and to You is the journey.
60:5  Our Lord, do not make us a target for those who reject (the truth), and forgive us, our Lord, for You are the mighty and wise.
60:6  There is a beautiful example for you in them for whoever hopes for Allah and the last day, and whoever turns away, Allah is rich and praiseworthy.
60:7  Perhaps Allah will place love between you and your enemies, and Allah is capable, and Allah is forgiving and merciful.
60:8  Allah does not stop you from doing good and being just to those who did not fight you due to religion and did not expel you from your houses, for Allah loves the just.
60:9  Allah only stops you from befriending those who fought you and expelled you from your houses and helped in your expulsion, and whoever befriends them, those are the wrongdoers.
60:10  Oh you believers, when emigrating believing women come to you, test them. Allah knows best about their faith. Then when you find them to be believers, do not return them to those who reject (the truth) - they are not permitted for each other. And give them what they have spent, and it is no sin for you to marry them if you give them their dues, and do not hold on to the bonds with those who reject (the truth), but ask for what you have spent and let them ask for what they have spent, that is the judgement of Allah who judges between you, and Allah is knowing and wise.
60:11  And if you have lost wives to those who reject (the truth), and you have obtained booty, then give those who have lost their wives the measure of what they have spent and beware of Allah in whom you believe.
60:12  Oh prophet, when the believing women come to you, let them give allegiance to you that they will not associate anything with Allah and will not steal nor fornicate nor kill their children nor come up with some false invented claim regarding the parentage of their children nor disobey you in anything appropriate. So let them give allegiance and ask forgiveness from Allah for them, for Allah is forgiving and merciful.
60:13  Oh you believers, do not befriend a people with whom Allah is angry, they despair of the hereafter like those who reject (the truth) despair of the inhabitants of the graves.