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60:1  BELIEVERS, DO not make friends with those who are enemies of Mine and yours. Would you show them affection, when they have denied the Truth that has been revealed to you and driven out the Apostle and yourselves, because you believe in God, your Lord? If it was indeed to fight for My cause, and out of a desire to please Me, that you left your city, how can you be friendly to them in secret? I well know all that you conceal, and all that you reveal. Whoever of you does this will stray from the right path
60:2  If they gain ascendancy over you, they will prove themselves your enemies, and stretch out their hands and tongues to you with evil. They long to see you unbelievers
60:3  On the Day of Resurrection neither your kin nor your children shall avail you. He will separate you, and God is cognizant of what you do
60:4  You have a good example in Abraham and those who followed him. They said to their people: ‘We disown you and the idols which you worship besides God. We renounce you: enmity and hate shall reign between us until you believe in God alone.‘ But do not emulate the words of Abraham to his father: ‘I shall implore forgiveness for you, although I can in no way protect you from God.‘
60:5  Lord, in You we have put our trust; to You we turn and to You we shall come at last. Lord, do not expose us to the designs of the unbelievers. Forgive us, Lord; You are the Almighty, the Wise One.‘
60:6  Surely in those there is a good example for you; for everyone who puts his hopes in God and in the Last Day. As for him that pays no heed, God alone is self-sufficient and worthy of praise
60:7  It may well be that God will put good will between you and those with whom you have hitherto been at odds. God is mighty; God is forgiving and compassionate
60:8  God does not forbid you to be kind and equitable to those who have neither fought you on account of your religion nor driven you from your homes; God loves the equitable
60:9  But He forbids you to make friends with those who have fought you on account of your religion and driven you from your homes or abetted others to drive you out. Those that make friends with them are wrongdoers
60:10  Believers, when believing women seek refuge with you, test them. God best knows their faith. If you find them true believers, do not return them to the infidels; they are not lawful for the infidels, nor are the infidels lawful for them. Hand back to them the dowries they gave; nor is it an offence for you to marry such women, if you give them their dowries. Do not maintain your marriages with unbelieving women: demand the dowries you gave and let them demand the dowries they gave. Such is the judgement which God lays down among you. God is all-knowing and wise
60:11  And if any of your wives go over to the infidels and you subsequently gain victory over them, pay those whose wives have deserted the equivalent of the dowries they gave them. And fear God, in whom you do believe
60:12  Prophet, if believing women come to you and pledge themselves to serve no other deity besides God, to commit neither theft, nor adultery, nor child-murder, to utter no monstrous falsehoods of their own invention, and to disobey you in nothing reasonable, accept their allegiance and implore God to forgive them. God is forgiving and compassionate
60:13  Believers, do not make friends with people who have provoked the wrath of God; for they have despaired of the life to come, just as the infidels have despaired of the buried dead