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49:1  You who believe, do not press forward in the presence of Allah (God) and His messenger. Heed Allah (God): Allah (God) is Alert, Aware.
49:2  You who believe, do not raise your voices over the Prophet's voice nor shout at him while [you are] speaking just as you shout at one another, lest your actions miscarry while you do not even notice it.
49:3  The ones who lower their voices in the presence of Allah (God)'s messenger are those whose hearts Allah (God) examines for heedfulness. They will have forgiveness and a splendid fee.
49:4  Most of those who call out to you from outside the apartments do not use their reason;
49:5  if they would wait patiently until you came out to [see] them, it would be better for them. Allah (God) is Forgiving, Merciful.
49:6  You who believe, if some scoundrel should come up to you with some piece of news, clear up the facts lest you afflict some folk out of ignorance, and some morning feel regretful for what you may have done.
49:7  Know that Allah (God)'s messenger is among you. If he obeyed you in too much of such business, you would fall into discord; but Allah (God) has so endeared faith for you that it seems attractive within your hearts, and made you hate disbelief, immorality and rebelliousness. Such persons are sensible
49:8  through bounty and favor from Allah (God). Allah (God) is Aware, Wise.
49:9  Whenever two factions of believers fall out with one another, try to reconcile them. If one of them should oppress the other, then fight the one which acts oppressively until they comply with Allah (God)'s command. If they should comply, then patch things up again between them in all justice, and act fairly. Allah (God) loves those who act fairly.
49:10  Believers merely form a brotherhood, so reconcile your brothers and heed Allah
49:11  You who believe, do not let one [set of] people make fun of another set; perhaps they are better than they are. Nor let any women [mistreat other] women; perhaps they are even better than they are themselves. Nor should you criticize one another, nor insult one another by using nicknames; it is bad to use a dirty name instead of one you can believe in. Those who do not turn away from it are wrongdoers
49:12  You who believe, refrain from conjecturing too much: even a little suspicion forms a vice. Do not spy on one another, nor let any of you backbite others. Would one of you like to eat his dead brother's flesh? You would loathe it! Heed Allah (God), for Allah (God) is Relenting, Merciful!
49:13  O mankind, We have created you from a male and female, and set you up as nations and tribes so you may recognize [and cooperate with] one another. The noblest among you with Allah (God) is that one of you who best performs his duty; Allah (God) is Aware, Informed.
49:14  The desert Arabs say: "We believe." SAY: "You have not yet believed, but say [instead]: 'We submitted [to Allah (God)]. Yet belief has not penetrated your hearts. If you obey Allah (God) and His messenger, He will not slight you in any of your actions. Allah (God) is Forgiving, Merciful!"
49:15  Believers are merely the ones who believe in Allah (God) and His messenger; then never doubt and strive for Allah (God)'s sake with their property and persons. Those are reliable.
49:16  SAY: "Would you [presume to] teach Allah (God) something concerning your religion? Allah (God) knows whatever is in Heaven and whatever is on Earth. Allah (God) is Aware of everything!"
49:17  They want you to feet flattered because they have entered Islam. SAY: "You do not flatter me with your submission to [Allah (God)]; rather Allah (God) flatters you, provided you are loyal, since He has guided you to faith.
49:18  Allah (God) knows the Unseen part of Heaven and Earth. Allah (God) is observant of anything you do."