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م د ى ن
General Root Meaning
To advance or proceed, pass/pass away, go or go away, press onward, execute/perform/accomplish a thing, to be sharp, to cut or penetrate, excel or surpass in doing a thing.
   limadyana   (1)

As if not they (had) prospered therein. So, away with Madyan as was taken away the Thamud.

   madyana   (2)

Has not come to them (the) news (of) those who (were) from before them, (the) people (of) Nuh, and Aad, and Thamud, and (the) people (of) Ibrahim and (the) companions (of) Madyan, and the towns overturned? Came to them their Messengers with clear proofs. And not was Allah to wrong them but they were (to) themselves doing wrong.

When was going your sister and she said, "Shall, I show you [to] (one) who will nurse and rear him?" So We returned you to your mother that may be cooled her eyes and not she grieves. And you killed a man, but We saved you from the distress, and We tried you (with) a trial. Then you remained (some) years with (the) people (of) Madyan. Then you came at the decreed (time) O Musa!

And the inhabitants (of) Madyan. And was denied Musa, so I granted respite to the disbelievers, then I seized them, and how was My punishment.

And when he came (to the) water (of) Madyan, he found on it a group of men watering, and he found from besides them two women keeping back. He said, "What (is the) matter with both of y They said, "Not we can water until take away the shepherds; and our father (is) old man aged."

But We [We] produced generations and prolonged for them the life. And not you were a dweller among (the) people (of) Madyan, reciting to them Our Verses, but We [We] were the Senders.

And to Madyan, his brother Shuaib. He said, "O my people! Worship Allah, not for you any god other than Him. Verily, has came to you a clear proof from your Lord. So give full [the] measure and the weight and (do) not deprive [the] people in their things and (do) not cause corruption in the earth after its reformation. That (is) better for you if you are believers.

And to Madyan, their brother Shuaib. He said, "O my people! Worship Allah not (is) for you any god other than Him. And (do) not decrease (from) the measure and the scale. Indeed, I see you in prosperity, but indeed, I fear for you punishment (of) a Day all-encompassing.

And when he turned his face towards Madyan, he said, "Perhaps my Lord [that] will guide me (to the) sound way."

And to Madyan their brother Shuaib. And he said, "O my people! Worship Allah and expect the Day the Last, and (do) not commit evil in the earth (as) corrupters."

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