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م د ن
General Root Meaning
   l-madāini   (1)

They said, "Postpone him and his brother, and send in the cities gatherers.

They said, "Postpone him and his brother, and send in the cities gatherers -

Then sent Firaun in the cities gatherers,

   l-madīnata   (1)

And he entered the city at a time (of) inattention of its people and found therein two men fighting each other; this of his party and this of his enemy. And called him for help the one who (was) from his party against the one who (was) from his enemy, so struck him with his fist Musa and killed him. He said, "This (is) of (the) deed (of) Shaitaan. Indeed, he (is) an enemy - one who misleads clearly."

   l-madīnati   (6)

And came (the) people (of) the city, rejoicing.

And came a man from (the) farthest end (of) the city running. He said, "O Musa! Indeed, the chiefs are taking counsel about you to kill you, so leave; indeed, I am to you of the sincere advisors."

And came from (the) farthest end (of) the city a man running. He said, "O my People! Follow the Messengers.

And among those around you of the bedouins (are) hypocrites and (also) from people (of) the Madinah. They persist in the hypocrisy, not you know them, We [We] know them. We will punish them twice then they will be returned to a punishment great.

They say, "If we return to Al-Madinah, surely, will expel the more honorable from it the more humble." But for Allah (is) the honor and for His Messenger and for the believers, but the hypocrites (do) not know.

Not it was (for) the people of the Madinah and who were around them of the bedouins, that they remain behind after the Messenger of Allah, and not they prefer their lives to his life. That is because [they] (does) not afflict them thirst and not fatigue and not hunger in (the) way (of) Allah, and not they step any step that angers the disbelievers and not they inflict on an enemy an infliction except is recorded for them in it (as) a deed righteous. Indeed, Allah (does) not allow to be lost the reward (of) the good-doers.

Said Firaun, "You believed in him before [that] I give permission to you. Indeed, this (is) surely a plot you have plotted it in the city so that you may drive out from it its people. But soon you will know.

And said women in the city, "The wife of Aziz (is) seeking to seduce her slave boy about himself; indeed, he has impassioned her (with) love. Indeed, we [we] surely see her in an error clear."

And similarly, We raised them that they might question among them. Said a speaker among them, "How long have you remained?" They said, "We have remained a day or a part (of) a day." They said, "Your Lord knows best how long you have remained. So send one of you with silver coin of yours this to the city, and let him see which is the purest food, and let him bring to you provision from it, and let him be cautious. And not make aware about you anyone."

And were in the city nine family heads, they were spreading corruption in the land and not reforming.

In the morning he was in the city fearful (and) was vigilant, when behold! The one who sought his help the previous day cried out to him for help. Said to him Musa, "Indeed, you (are) surely a deviator clear."

If (do) not cease the hypocrites and those who in their hearts (is) a disease and those who spread rumors in the city, We will let them overpower you, then not they will remain your neighbor therein except (for) a little,

And as for the wall, it was for two boys orphan, in the town, and was underneath it a treasure for them and was their father righteous. So intended your Lord that they reach their maturity, and bring forth their treasure (as) a mercy from your Lord. And not I did it on my (own) accord. That (is the) interpretation (of) what not you were able on it (to have) patience."

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