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ع ف ر
General Root Meaning
to roll on earth, hide in the dust, roll in the dust, soil with dust, roast. ifrun & afirun - wicked, mischievous. afarun - wheat boiled without grease. ufratun - intenseness of heat. ifrit (pl. afarit) - cunning, who exceeds the bounds, one evil in disposition, wicked, malignant, stalwart, audacious, who is of large stature, one strong and powerful, sharp, vigorous and effective in an affair, exceeding ordinary bounds therein with intelligence and sagacity, chief who wields great authority.
   ʿif'rītun   (1)

Said a strong one of the jinn, "I will bring to you it before [that] you rise from your place. And indeed, I am for it surely, strong, trustworthy."

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