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ع ف و
General Root Meaning
to forgive/pardon, abound, pass over, forgo, grow, multiply, obliterate all traces, remit, give more than what is due, relinquish right or remit in whole or in part. afina (oblique pl. of afin) - forgiving. afuwwan - very forgiving, name of Allah. afwun - forgiveness, indulgence, surplus, superfluity. ya'fu - to pardon. ufiya - he is pardoned. (It does not necessarily imply the committing of a sin on the part of a person about whom it is used.)
'afaa (prf. 3rd. m. sing.): pardoned.
'afau (prf. 3rd. m. pl.): they grew in affluence.
ya'fuu / ya'fuwa (imp. 3rd. m. pl.): pardons, passes over, forgoes.
ya'fu (imp. 3rd. m. sing. juss.): he forgives.
ya'fuuna (impf. 3rd. f. pl.): they forgo.
li ya'fuu (imp. 3rd. m. pl.): they may pardon.
ta'fuu (imp. 2nd. m. pl.): you forgo, pardon.
na'fu (imp. 1st. pl. juss.): we pardon.
i'fu (prt. m. sing): thou pardon.
'ufiya (pp. 3rd. m. sing.): who has been granted remission.
'afwa (n.): forgiveness, surplus.
'afuwwun / 'afuwwan (nom./acc. n.): very forgiving.
'aafiina (act. pic. m. pl.): those who pardon.