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ع ف ف
General Root Meaning
to abstain from what is unlawful, be abstinent, restrain. (The verb is of the assimilated type. In genitive cases shadda is removed and cluster is pronounced separelt as in 4:6 ta'affuf - modest/abstinence)
   l-taʿafufi   (1)

For the poor, those who are wrapped up in (the) way (of) Allah, not they are able (to) move about in the earth. Think (about) them, the ignorant one, (that they are) self-sufficien (because) of (their) restraint, you recognize them by their mark. Not (do) they ask the people with importunity. And whatever you spend of good, then indeed, Allah of it (is) All-Knower.

   falyastaʿfif   (1)

And test the orphans until [when] they reach[ed] (the age of) marriage, then if you perceive in them sound judgement then deliver to them their wealth. And (do) not eat it extravagantly and hastily (fearing) that they will grow up. And whoever is rich then he should refrain, and whoever is poor then let him eat (of it) in a fair manner. Then when you deliver to them their wealth then take witnesses on them. And is sufficient Allah (as) a Reckoner.

   walyastaʿfifi   (1)

And let be chaste those who (do) not find (means for) marriage until enriches them Allah from His Bounty. And those who seek the writing from (those) whom possess your right hands, then give them (the) writing if you know in them any good and give them from the wealth (of) Allah which He has given you. And (do) not compel your slave girls to [the] prostitution, if they desire chastity that you may seek temporary gain (of) the life (of) the world. And whoever compels them, then indeed, Allah from after their compulsion (is) Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

   yastaʿfif'na   (1)

And postmenopausal among the women who (do) not have desire (for) marriage, then not is on them any blame that they put aside their (outer) garments, not displaying their adornment. And that they modestly refrain (is) better for them. And Allah (is) All-Hearer, All-Knower.

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