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91:1  Consider the sun and its splendor.
91:2  Consider the moon as it follows.
91:3  Consider the day as it displays its glory.
91:4  Consider the night as it conceals.
91:5  Consider the sky and its structure.
91:6  Consider the earth and its expanse.
91:7  Consider the soul and the design given to it.
91:8  [Consider] its enlightenment as to wrong and right.
91:9  Truly, he/she succeeds who purifies it.
91:10  He/she fails who corrupts it.
91:11  The Thamud were in rejection through their sinfulness.
91:12  The most wicked person among them was delegated.
91:13  But the messenger of Allah said to them, “A female camel of Allah has come, so let her drink.”
91:14  They rejected him. They butchered (the camel). Because of their crimes, their Lord destroyed them and razed them.
91:15  For Him is no fear of its consequences.