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91:1  By the sun and its morning brightness,
91:2  by the moon that follows it,
91:3  by the day that it brightens up,
91:4  by the night that covers it.
91:5  By the sky and by Him who designed it,
91:6  by the Earth and by Him who levelled it out.
91:7  By the human and by Him who perfected him;
91:8  so inspired him to follow either its vice or virtue
91:9  Whoever purified himself succeeded,
91:10  and whoever was immoral failed himself.
91:11  The people of Thamud cruelly treated their Messenger.
91:12  When the most wicked among them was dispatched against him.
91:13  Allah’s Messenger told him, “Let Allah’s she-camel have her share of the water.”
91:14  But they denied him, and hamstrung her, so due to this crime their Lord destroyed them.
91:15  He didn’t fear its consequences