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91:1  By the sun and its morning brightness,
91:2  and the moon when it follows it,
91:3  and the day when it displays it,
91:4  and the night when it conceals it
91:5  and the sky and what erected it
91:6  and the earth and what extended it.
91:7  and the self and what proportioned it
91:8  and inspired it with depravity or taqwa,
91:9  he who purifies it has succeeded,
91:10  he who covers it up has failed.
91:11  Thamud denied in their excessive tyranny —
91:12  when the worst of them rushed ahead,
91:13  and the Messenger of Allah had said to them, ´This is the she-camel of Allah, so let her drink!´
91:14  But they denied him and they hamstrung her, so their Lord crushed them for their sin and flattened them.
91:15  And He does not fear the consequences.