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91:1  By the sun and his morning brightness,
91:2  by the moon as she follows him,
91:3  by the day, which reveals his splendour,
91:4  by the night, which veils him.
91:5  By the heaven and its construction,
91:6  by the earth and its spreading,
91:7  by the soul and its mouldin
91:8  and inspiration with knowledge of wickedness and righteousness.
91:9  Successful is the one who keeps it pure,
91:10  and ruined is the one who corrupts it.
91:11  In their overweening arrogance the people of ThamÅ«d denied the truth,
91:12  when their most hapless wretch broke forth.
91:13  God's Messenger said to them: 'It is a she-camel belonging to God, so let her have her drink.'
91:14  But they rejected him, and cruelly slaughtered her. For this their sin their Lord let loose His scourge upon them, and razed their city to the ground.
91:15  He does not fear what may follow.