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91:1  The sun acts as a witness and its brightness
91:2  and the moon when it received its due (i.e., the light) from it
91:3  and the day-time when it made it (i.e., the sun) brightly appearing
91:4  and the night when it conceals it (i.e., the sun)
91:5  and the heaven, and how (beauitiful and vast) He built it
91:6  and the earth, and how (evenly) He spread it
91:7  and Nafs and how He made it proportionate
91:8  then He provided her (i.e., to the Nafs, an inherent ability in conscience, mind or heart to point out) evils unto her and piety unto her
91:9  Indeed he has succeeded whoever purified her (the Nafs)
91:10  And indeed he lost who corrupted her (i.e., the Nafs)
91:11  Samud (people) denied through the arrogant, rebellious behaviour of her (i.e., of the Nafs)
91:12  when one of the most wicked of that (habitation) came forward (in bad intention)
91:13  So Rusulullah (Messenger of Allah) said to them: “(behave properly with the) she-camel of Allah and (bear and tolerate) her (nature) as a female who drinks more water (than other animals and beings)
91:14  Then they belied him; so they hamstrung her (mahead of state her incapacitated to approach the site of water-supply). So their Nourisher-Sustainer brought over them severe whipping because of their crime, so He levelled these (people and their city in a complete destruction)
91:15  And (Allah) fears not about its consequences