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91:1  By the Sun and its radiance,
91:2  and the moon as it trails after it,
91:3  and daylight which shines resplendent from it,
91:4  and night when it covers things up,
91:5  and the sky and whatever built it,
91:6  and the earth and what has stretched it out,
91:7  and any soul and whatever has fashioned it
91:8  and filled it with both its debauchery and its sense of duty!
91:9  Anyone who purifies himself will prosper
91:10  while whoever neglects to do so will be disappointed.
91:11  Thamud rejected it through their arrogance
91:12  when their meanest wretch was delegated
91:13  and God´s messenger told them: "[Here is) God´s she-camel; give her its day to drink."
91:14  They rejected him and mistreated her, so their Lord snarled at them because of their offence and leveled things off.
91:15  He does not fear its outcome!