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91:1  By the sun and its brightness
91:2  And by the moon when it follows the sun
91:3  And by the day when it reveals the sun's glory
91:4  And by the night when it draws a veil over the light of the sun
91:5  And by the heaven and its wonderful structure
91:6  And by the earth and its expanse
91:7  And by the soul and its perfection
91:8  And HE revealed to it the ways of evil and the ways of righteousness
91:9  He, indeed, prospers who purifies it
91:10  And he is ruined who corrupts it
91:11  The tribe of Thamud rejected the Divine Messenger because of their rebelliousness
91:12  When the most wretched among them got up
91:13  Then the Messenger of ALLAH said, `Leave alone the she-camel of ALLAH and obstruct not her drink.
91:14  But they called him a liar and hamstrung her, so their Lord destroyed them completely because of their sin, and made destruction overtake all of them alike
91:15  And HE cared not for the consequences thereof