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91:1  By the sun and its noonday brightness
91:2  And the moon when it follows him
91:3  And the day when it displays him
91:4  And the night when it covers him
91:5  And the wondrous structure of the heavens and Him who built it
91:6  And the earth and Who spread it
91:7  And the soul and Who fashioned it
91:8  And enlightened it with what is wrong and right for it
91:9  He indeed is successful who causes it to grow (or purifies it)
91:10  And he indeed is a failure who corrupts it
91:11  The Thamud people denied (the Messenger) in their rebellious pride (or outrage)
91:12  When the basest of them rose u
91:13  And the Messenger of Allah (Salih) said to them, "(This is) Allah´s she-camel! So give her to drink."
91:14  But they called him a liar, and they ham-strung her; so their Lord destroyed them in their sins, and served them all alike
91:15  And He fears not the result thereof