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91:1  By the sun, and its rising brightness
91:2  by the moon, when she followeth him
91:3  by the day, when it sheweth his splendor
91:4  by the night, when it covereth him with darkness
91:5  by the heaven, and Him who built it
91:6  by the earth, and Him who spread it forth
91:7  by the soul, and Him who completely formed it
91:8  and inspired into the same its faculty of distinguishing, and power of choosing, wickedness and piety
91:9  Now is he who hath purified the same, happy
91:10  but he who hath corrupted the same, is miserable
91:11  Thamud accused their prophet Saleh of imposture, through the excess of their wickedness
91:12  When the wretch among them was sent to slay the camel
91:13  and the apostle of God said unto them, let alone the camel of God; and hinder not her drinking
91:14  But they charged him with imposture; and they slew her. Wherefore their Lord destroyed them, for their crime, and made their punishment equal unto them all
91:15  And he feareth not the issue thereof