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91:1  By the sun and its daylight
91:2  By the moon which follows it when first seen shortly after their apparent proximity or conjunction
91:3  By the day which exposes the sun’s glory and exposes the earth to sight
91:4  By the night which keeps the sun out of view and the earth veiled to sight
91:5  By the heaven and the way it was constructed,
91:6  And by the earth and the way its expanse was conducted.
91:7  And by the soul and how it was made to comprehend the difference between right and wrong and how its contrary attributes were divinely inducte
91:8  And how He inspired the self with self-abuse and self-indulgence, as well as with reverence and vindication and self-sacrifice and adaptation
91:9  Successful indeed will be he who is endowed with the attribute of self- reproach and self-judgment, who listens to such advice as Allah propounds
91:10  And a loser indeed will be he who has perverted himself and by the hand of sin he is bound
91:11  The people of Thamud rejected the truth, brought to them by Allah's Messenger - Saleh -, through impudent transgression
91:12  And there, did their most wicked leader jump at the occasion to defy Allah's ordinance and prompt the aggression
91:13  Allah's Messenger warned them against harming Allah's She- Camel and advised them to let her drink
91:14  But they considered him a liar; they disabled the She-Camel by cutting her hamstring muscles; and so Allah pounded them away in requital of their criminal deed, and of all hopes they were dashed to the ground
91:15  For Allah fears no consequences nor to anything ever He is bound