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88:1  Has there come to you the 'Over-covering’ narration?
88:2  Faces on that Day are humbled.
88:3  Working, toiling.
88:4  Heating in inflaming Fire.
88:5  Watering from a boiling spring.
88:6  No food for them except from a thorny plant (Dare’aa).
88:7  Which neither fattens, nor avails from hunger.
88:8  Faces on that Day will be blissful.
88:9  For their striving is satisfied.
88:10  In a High Paradise.
88:11  Will not hear therein chattering.
88:12  Therein is a running spring.
88:13  Therein are uplifted beds.
88:14  And cups set in place.
88:15  And cushions set in rows.
88:16  And carpets are outspread.
88:17  So have they not looked at the camels, how they are created?
88:18  And to the sky, how is it lifted up?
88:19  And to the mountains, how are they fixed firm?
88:20  And to the earth, how is it surfaced?
88:21  So remind you are only a reminder.
88:22  You are not over them as a controller.
88:23  Except for whoever turned away and disbelieved.
88:24  So Allah will torture him with the grandest torment.
88:25  Surely to Us is their return.
88:26  Then Surely upon Us is their reckoning.