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88:1  Has news of the Awe-inspiring Event reached you?
88:2  Some faces that Day will be humbled,
88:3  looking tired and exhausted.
88:4  They will walk in to an intensely-hot Fire,
88:5  and drink from a boiling water spring.
88:6  They will have no food except bitter thorns,
88:7  which won’t nourish or satisfy their hunger
88:8  Some faces that Day will be beautiful and bright,
88:9  well-pleased with their efforts,
88:10  living in an elegant Garden,
88:11  where they won’t hear any idle chat,
88:12  watered by a flowing spring,
88:13  furnished with raised and comfortable sofas,
88:14  wine glasses gracefully arranged,
88:15  silken cushions set in rows,
88:16  and luxurious soft carpets laid all around
88:17  Don’t they see the camels, how they were created?
88:18  And the sky, how it was raised?
88:19  And the mountains, how they were fixed?
88:20  And at the Earth, how it was spread out?
88:21  So remind, Prophet, your job is to remind.
88:22  You aren’t their controller.
88:23  The one who turned away and disbelieved,
88:24  Allah will give him terrible punishment.
88:25  They will finally return to Us,
88:26  and We will call them to account