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88:1  HAS NEWS OF the Overpowering Event reached you
88:2  Many faces will be contrite on that day
88:3  Labouring, wearied out
88:4  Burning in the scorching fire
88:5  Given water from the boiling spring to drink
88:6  They will have no food except bitter thorn
88:7  Neither nourishing nor banishing hunger
88:8  Many faces will be joyous on that day
88:9  Well-pleased with their endeavour
88:10  In the high empyrean
88:11  Never hearing idle talk
88:12  There is a stream of running water in it
88:13  And within it are couches placed on high
88:14  Goblets set
88:15  Cushions arranged
88:16  And rich carpets spread
88:17  Do they not then ponder how the clouds were formed
88:18  And the heavens, how it was raised high
88:19  And the mountains, how they were fixed
88:20  And the earth, how it was spread out
88:21  Remind them; you are surely a reminder
88:22  You are not a warden over them
88:23  Other than him who turns his back and denies
88:24  In which case he will be punished by God with the severest punishment
88:25  To Us is surely their returning
88:26  Ours is surely then to reckon with them