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88:1  HAS THERE COME unto thee the tiding of the Overshadowing Event?
88:2  Some faces will on that Day be downcast
88:3  toiling [under burdens of sin], worn out [by fear]
88:4  about to enter a glowing fire
88:5  given to drink from a boiling spring
88:6  No food for them save the bitterness of dry thorns
88:7  which gives no strength and neither stills hunger
88:8  [And] some faces will on that Day shine with bliss
88:9  well-pleased with [the fruit of] their striving
88:10  in a garden sublime
88:11  wherein thou wilt hear no empty talk
88:12  Countless springs will flow therein
88:13  [and] there will be thrones [of happiness] raised high
88:14  and goblets placed ready
88:15  and cushions ranged
88:16  and carpets spread out…
88:17  DO, THEN, they [who deny resurrection] never gaze at the clouds pregnant with water, [and observe] how they are created
88:18  And at the sky, how it is raised aloft
88:19  And at the mountains, how firmly they are reared
88:20  And at the earth, how it is spread out
88:21  And so, [O Prophet,] exhort them; thy task is only to exhort
88:22  thou canst not compel them [to believe]
88:23  However, as for him who turns away, being bent on denying the truth
88:24  him will God cause to suffer the greatest suffering [in the life to come]
88:25  for behold, unto Us will be their return
88:26  and verily, It is for Us to call them to account