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88:1  Has there come to thee the story of the overwhelming
88:2  Faces on that day shall be humble
88:3  labouring, toiling,
88:4  shall broil upon a burning fire
88:5  shall be given to drink from a boiling spring
88:6  no food shall they have save from the foul thorn
88:7  which shall not fatten nor avail against hunger
88:8  Faces on that day shall be comfortable
88:9  content with their past endeavours,
88:10  in a lofty garde
88:11  wherein they shall hear no foolish word
88:12  wherein is a flowing fountain
88:13  wherein are couches raised on high
88:14  and goblets set down
88:15  and cushions arranged
88:16  and carpets spread
88:17  Do they not look then at the camel how she is created
88:18  And at the heaven how it is reared
88:19  And at the mountains how they are set up
88:20  And at the earth how it is spread out
88:21  But remind: thou art only one to remind
88:22  thou art not in authority over them
88:23  except such as turns his back and misbelieves
88:24  for him will God torment with the greatest torment
88:25  Verily, unto us is their return
88:26  and, verily, for us is their account