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64:1  For Allah glorifies all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. For Him is the sovereignty and for Him is the praise and He has power over everything.
64:2  It is He who created you [all] but among you there is disbeliever and among you there is believer and Allah is All-seeing about all that you do.
64:3  He created the heavens and the earth by the truth and He has formed you and has made your forms most excellent and unto Him is the place of final coming.
64:4  He knows all that is in the heavens and in the earth and He knows all that you make secret and all that you publicize and Allah is All-knowing about the essence of the bosoms.
64:5  Have not the news of those who disbelieved before come to you? So they tasted the evil consequence of their affair and for them there is a painful punishment.
64:6  That is so because their messengers used to come to them with clear signs but they said, “Is a mere human going to guide us?” So they disbelieved and they turned away and Allah was self-sufficient and Allah is All-self-sufficient, All-praise-worthy.
64:7  Those who disbelieved claim that they will never be raised say, “Nay! By my Lord! you shall most certainly be raised and then you shall most certainly be informed about all that you did and that is easy for Allah.”
64:8  Therefore believe in Allah and in His messenger and in the light that We have sent down and Allah is All-acquainted about all that you do.
64:9  The day when He will gather you for the day of the gathering – that will be the day of mutual hoodwinking. And whosoever believes in Allah and works a righteous deed, He will remove from him all his inequities and make him enter into gardens under which the rivers flow to abide therein forever. That is the most magnificent triumph.
64:10  But those who disbelieve and belie Our signs, they are the people of the fire to abide therein forever and what a woeful place of final coming.
64:11  No calamity happens except by the permission of Allah and whoever believes in Allah, He will guide his heart and Allah is All-knowing about everything.
64:12  Therefore obey Allah and obey the messenger but if you turn away, nothing is on Our messenger except the deliverance, the most evident.
64:13  Allah! There is no deity except He and therefore on Allah let the believers put their trust.
64:14  O you who believe! Truly from among your spouses and your children are such who are enemies for you therefore beware of them but if you pardon and you turn away in a goodly manner and you forgive, then truly Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
64:15  Your properties and your children are only a trial and Allah, with Him is a most magnificent reward.
64:16  Therefore revere Allah as much as you can, and listen, and obey, and spend, that is better for your own souls and whoever is protected from the selfishness of his own soul, truly they are the ones who are the prosperous.
64:17  If you loan to Allah an excellent loan, He will multiply it for you and He will forgive you and Allah is All-Grateful, All-Magnanimous,
64:18  Knower of the unseen and of the witnessed, The All-mighty, The All-wise.