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65:1  O you the prophet! When you divorce the women, divorce them for their prescribed waiting period and compute the waiting period accurately and revere Allah, your Lord. Do not expel them from their houses and nor should they go out unless they come with an open offence. And those are the boundaries of Allah and whoever transgresses the boundaries of Allah, he indeed has wronged his own soul and you do not know if perhaps Allah may bring on a new affair after that.
65:2  And when they reach their terms, then either hold onto them in a kindly manner or part with them in a kindly manner and take two just persons among you as witnesses and establish the witnessing for Allah. It is such one among you who believe in Allah and in the last day who are admonished with this and whosoever reveres Allah, He will make a way for him out.
65:3  And He will provide for him from where he does not expect and whosoever puts his trust in Allah, truly He is sufficient for him. Truly Allah is going to bring His commandment to conclusion. For Allah has indeed made a due measure for everything.
65:4  And those among your women who do not expect any monthly courses if you doubt, then their waiting period shall be three months and as well as those who have not yet began their cycles but the ones who are expectant, their term will be till when they lay down their burdens and whosoever reveres Allah, He will put for him ease in his affair.
65:5  That is Allah’s commandment which He sent down to you and whoever reveres Allah, He will remove from him his inequities and He will make magnificent for him a reward.
65:6  Make them stay in where you stay within your means and do not malign them in order to harass them and if they are expectant then spend unto them until they lay down their burdens and if they suckle for you then give them their reward and consult between you in a kindly manner but if you come to difficulties between you then another woman will suckle [the baby] for him.
65:7  Let the man who is affluent spend from his affluence but the ones whose provision are tightened let him spend from that which Allah has given him. Allah does not charge a soul except that which He has given unto it and soon Allah will make ease after hardship.
65:8  And how many a township had transgressed against the commandment of their Lord and His messengers so We took them to account with a thorough reckoning and We punished them with a punishment most objectionable.
65:9  So they tasted the evil consequence of their affair and the evil consequence of their affair was but loss.
65:10  Allah has prepared for them a formidable punishment so revere Allah O people of the heart who believe! Truly Allah has sent down to you a remembrance.
65:11  A messenger who rehearses unto you Allah’s signs which make things clear so that He may bring forth those who believe and do righteous deeds from the darknesses to the light and whosoever believes in Allah and works righteous deeds, He will make him enter into gardens beneath which the rivers flow to abide therein forever. Indeed Allah has made for him an excellent provision.
65:12  Allah it is He who created seven heavens and from the earth likes of them. The commandment keeps coming down between them so that you may know that Allah has power over everything and that Allah has encompassed everything in knowledge.