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63:1  When the pretenders come to you they say: we witness that you are the messenger of Allah, and Allah knows that you are indeed His messenger, and Allah witnesses that the pretenders are lying.
63:2  They adopt their faith by way of protection then divert from the way of Allah, bad is what they used to do.
63:3  That is because they believed, then rejected, so their hearts were sealed so that they do not understand.
63:4  And when you see them, their physique amazes you, and when they speak, you listen to their speech as if they were towering trees; they think that every shout is against them, they are the enemy, so be wary of them, may Allah destroy them, where to are they diverted?
63:5  And when they are told: come so that the messenger of Allah asks for forgiveness for you, they turn their heads aside and you see them arrogantly moving away.
63:6  It is the same for them whether you ask forgiveness for them or don´t ask forgiveness for them - Allah will not forgive them, for Allah does not guide sinful people.
63:7  They are the ones who say: don´t spend on those who are with the messenger of Allah until they break away, and to Allah belong the treasures of the heavens and the earth, but the pretenders don´t understand.
63:8  They say: when we return to Madinah the stronger will drive the weaker out of it, and to Allah belongs all strength and to His messenger and to the believers, but the pretenders don´t know.
63:9  Oh you believers, let not your wealth and children distract you from the remembrance of Allah, and whoever does so, those are the losers.
63:10  And spend of what Allah has provided you with before death comes to any of you and he will say: my Lord, if only You delayed me for a little longer, so that I can give charity and be of the righteous.
63:11  And Allah will not delay any soul when its term has come, and Allah is informed of what you do.