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63:1  When the ‘Hypocrites’ come to you, they say: "We bear witness that you are indeed the ‘Messenger’ of Allâh." Allâh knows that you are indeed His ‘Messenger’, and Allâh bears witness that the ‘Hypocrites’ are indeed big liars.
63:2  They have made their oaths a cover. Thus, they were able to avert people from the path of Allâh. Indeed, evil is that which they have been doing.
63:3  That is because they have accepted Allâh (into their life), then they have renounced their Faith and so a seal has been set on their hearts. Thus, they are incapable of recognizing the truth from falsehood.
63:4  When you see them, you may be impressed by their looks. And when they speak, their words may sink into your ears. They are like standing logs. They think that every cry is against them. They are the real enemy, so beware of them. May Allâh assail them! How can they be deceived into going away from the established course?
63:5  When it is said to them: "Come and let the ‘Messenger’ of Allâh pray for your forgiveness," they turn aside their heads, and you can see them arrogantly evading.
63:6  It is the same for them, whether you pray for their forgiveness or not. Allâh intends not to forgive them. Lo! Allâh will not illuminate path of the sons of disobedience.
63:7  They are the ones who say: "Spend nothing on those who are with the Messenger of Allâh until they (are compelled to) abandon him. Yet the treasures of the heavens and of the earth are the property of Allâh, but the Hypocrites are incapable of recognizing the truth from falsehood.
63:8  They (‘Hypocrites’) say: "If it happens that we return to ‘Medina’, surely the powerful ones therein will expel the more humble ones." Honor belongs unto Allâh, unto His Messenger and the Monotheistic Believers; but the Hypocrites don't have true faith in ( Allâh).
63:9  O’ you who adhere firmly to Islamic Monotheism, let not your wealth or your children divert you from celebrating the praise of Allâh and declaring His divine glory. Those who do so are the ones who are doomed to eternal perdition.
63:10  Expend of that wherewith We have provided you before death comes to one of you, and then he says: "My Lord, if only You would reprieve me for a little while, then I would give alms and join the righteous!"
63:11  Allâh would never delay the appointed time of death for any person. Lo! Allâh is All- Aware of all what you do.