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104:1  Disaster is (decreed) for every slanderer, defamer
104:2  Who amasses wealth (instead of spending it for the good of humanity), counts it over and over and depends upon it as a safeguard (against his future possible hardships)
104:3  He thinks that his wealth will make him immortal
104:4  No, never! he shall surely be cast into the crushing torment (of Hell)
104:5  And what should make you know what the crushing torment is
104:6  (It is) the Fire set ablaze by Allah
104:7  And which rises over (the feelings of) the hearts (- the origin of a man's hell)
104:8  It (- Fire) will be closed in on them (so as not to let them escape from it and also increase for them the torture of heat)
104:9  (The flames of the Fire will rise) in (the form of) huge outstretched columns