Salaam all

After numerous requests for access to our database, and after seeing much traffic from folks using various tools to automatically download all ayat pages, we at IslamAwaked have made a decision.

Why limit access to this resource? 
The more widely it is spread, the better off the world is.

So... The full translation database, in XML format, can now be downloaded from here:

The file, once downloaded and unzipped, is 80+ megabytes in size and is organized in surah-ayat-rendition order.
Anyone with basic knowledge of XML should be able to load it into the database of their choice.
There is no charge for this resource, but if you want to help us to continue this work please either

Click here to become a Patreon:

or review the database, as it is now and after periodic updates, and help us find typographical (and other) errors. Much of what IslamAwakened is today is due to feedback from readers like you.