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ز ل ف
General Root Meaning
draw near/close, advance, nearness/closeness/proximity.
Azlafnaa (prf. 3rd. p. f. plu. IV): We brought near, caused to draw near
Uzlifat (pp. 3rd p.f. sing. IV): It is brought near
Zulafan (n. acc.): Early hours
Zulfatan (n. acc.): Night
Zulfaa (v.n.): Approach; near
   uz'lifat   (1)

And when Paradise is brought near,

   zul'fatan   (1)

But when they (will) see it approaching, (will be) distressed (the) faces (of) those who disbelieved, and it will be said, "This (is) that which you used to for it call."

   zul'fā   (2)

Unquestionably, for Allah (is) the religion the pure. And those who take from besides Him protectors, "Not we worship them except that they may bring us near to Allah (in) nearness." Indeed, Allah will judge between them in what they [in it] differ. Indeed, Allah (does) not guide (one) who [he] (is) a liar and a disbeliever.

And not your wealth and not your children [that] will bring you close to Us (in) position, but whoever believes and does righteousness, then those, for them (will be) reward two-fold for what they did, and they (will be) in the high dwellings secure.

   lazul'fā   (1)

So We forgave for him that. And indeed, for him with Us surely is a near access and a good place of return.

And indeed, for him with Us surely is a near access and a good place of return.

   wa-uz'lifati   (2)

And (will be) brought near the Paradise for the righteous.

And will be brought near the Paradise to the righteous, not far.

   wa-azlafnā   (1)

And We brought near there, the others.

   wazulafan   (1)

And establish the prayer (at the) two ends (of) the day and (at) the approach of the night. Indeed, the good deeds remove the evil deeds. That (is) a reminder for those who remember.

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