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ط ب ع
General Root Meaning
to seal/imprint/print/stamp/impress/brand/fashion, make to be dirty, rusted, covering over a thing and securing oneself from a thing entering it, adaptation/disposition to a thing, become sluggish/lazy/indolent, to disgrace/dishonour, to have no penetrative energy, i.e. no sharpness of mind like the sword covered with much rust, load well/heavily, tabba'a - to impress strongly.
   ṭabaʿa   (2)

Then because of their breaking (of) their covenant and their disbelief in (the) Signs (of) Allah and their killing (of) the Prophets without any right and their saying, "Our hearts (are) wrapped." Nay, (has) set a seal Allah on their (hearts) for their disbelief so not they believe except a few.

Those (are) the ones - has set a seal Allah over their hearts and their hearing and their sight. And those - they are the heedless.

And among them (are some) who listen to you, until when they depart from you, they say to those who were given the knowledge, "What (has) he said just now?" Those - (are) the ones has set a seal Allah upon their hearts and they follow their desires.

   faṭubiʿa   (1)

That (is) because they believed, then they disbelieved; so were sealed [upon] their hearts, so they (do) not understand.

   naṭbaʿu   (1)

Then We sent from after him Messengers to their people, and they came to them with clear proofs. But not they were to believe what they had denied [it] from before. Thus We seal [on] the hearts (of) the transgressors.

   waṭabaʿa   (1)

Only the way (blame) (is) on those who ask your permission while they (are) rich. They (are) satisfied to be with those who stay behind, and sealed Allah [on] their hearts, so they (do) not know.

   waṭubiʿa   (1)

They (were) satisfied to be with those who stay behind, and were sealed [on] their hearts, so they (do) not understand.

   wanaṭbaʿu   (1)

Would it not guide [for] those who inherit the land from after its people that if We willed, We (could) afflict them for their sins and We put a seal over their hearts so they (do) not hear?

   yaṭbaʿu   (3)

These (were) the cities - We relate to you of their news. And certainly came to them their Messengers with clear proofs, but not they were to believe in what they (had) denied from before. Thus put a seal Allah on (the) hearts (of) the disbelievers.

Thus seals Allah [on] (the) hearts (of) those who (do) not know.

Those who dispute concerning (the) Signs (of) Allah without any authority (having) come to them, (it) is greatly hateful near Allah and near those who believe. Thus sets a seal Allah over every heart (of) an arrogant tyrant."

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