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ط ع ن
General Root Meaning
to thrust, defame/discredit, to speak ill of someone, traducing, assail, revile, scoff, pierce, spear, wound, calumniate.
   waṭaʿnan   (1)

Of those who are Jews, they distort the words from their places and they say, "We hear[d] and we disobey[ed]" and "Hear not to be heard and "Raina" twisting [with] their tongues and defaming [in] the religion. And if [that] they (had) said, "We hear[d] and we obey[ed]" and "Hear and look (at) us surely it (would) have been better for them and more suitable. [And] but cursed them Allah for their disbelief, so not they believe except a few.

   waṭaʿanū   (1)

And if they break their oaths from after their treaty and defame [in] your religion, then fight the leaders (of) [the] disbelief, indeed, they - no oaths for them, so that they may cease.

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