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ش ب ه
General Root Meaning
to be like, to resemble/assimilate/liken/imitate, to compare one thing with another due to an attribute connecting them or is common to them: can be real or ideal - real: "this dollar is like this dollar" ideal: "John is like the lion/ass (i.e. strength/stupidity)", appear like another thing, ambiguous/dubious/obscure, comparison/similitude/parable/simile, co similar, resemble (in quality or attributes), conformable.
With reference to the Quran is that of which the meaning is not be learned from its words and this is of two sorts: one is that of which the meaning is known by referring to what is termed "muhkam" and the other is that of which the knowledge of its real meaning is not attainable in any way or it means what is not understood without repeated consideration. (e.g. 3:7)