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ش ع ر
General Root Meaning
to know/perceive/understand, to acquaint, perceive by senses.
make verses, remark, poetry, poet, verse, art of poetry, feeling, knowledge.
Sirius, which was worshipped by the Arabs in Pagan times.
mark/marker/signs/rites/symbols/observances/ceremonies/practices, the obligatory ordinances/statutes of God.
a place where a thing is known to be.
measure of length.
hair, innermost garment.
a sign of people in war and in a journey, a call or cry by means of which to know another, banner.
mash'ar al-Haram - holy mosque in Muadhalifah (a place which lies between Makkah and Arafat, six miles from Kabah). The name Mash'ar al-Haram is a compound of Mash'ar meaning the place of perception or knowledge and Haram meaning sacred. Ash'ara to make anyone understand, make known to.