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ر س خ
General Root Meaning
to be firm, stable, rooted, established.
rasikh - deeply versed, firmly established, well grounded.
   l-rāsikhūna   (1)

But the ones who are firm in the knowledge among them and the believers believe in what (is) revealed to you and what was revealed from before you. And the ones who establish the prayer and the ones who give the zakah and the ones who believe in Allah and the Day the Last - those, We will give them a reward great.

   wal-rāsikhūna   (1)

He (is) the One Who revealed to you the Book, of it (are) Verses absolutely clear - they (are) the foundation (of) the Book, and others (are) allegorical. Then as for those in their hearts (is) perversity - [so] they follow what (is) allegorical of it, seeking [the] discord and seeking its interpretation. And not knows its interpretation except Allah. And those firm in [the] knowledge, they say, "We believe in it. All (is) from our Lord." And not will take heed except men (of) understanding.

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