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ر ج ف
General Root Meaning
to quake/tremble, be in violent motion, shake violently, ramble, prepare for war, be restless, stir, spread alarming/false news, engage, make commotion, in a state of agitation, convulsion, tumult, or disturbance.
rajfatun - earthquake, mighty blast.
murjifun - scandal-mongers, one who makes a commotion, one who spreads false alarming news/rumours or evil tales.
   l-rājifatu   (1)

(The) Day will quake the quaking one,

   l-rajfatu   (1)

So seized them the earthquake, then they became in their homes fallen prone.

Then seized them the earthquake, then they became in their home(s) fallen prone.

And chose Musa (from) his people seventy men for Our appointment. Then when seized them the earthquake he said, "O my Lord! If you (had) willed, You (could) have destroyed the from before and me. Would You destroy us for what did the foolish among us? Not it (was) but Your trial, You let go astray by it whom You will and You guide whom You will. You (are) our Protector, so forgive us and have mercy upon us, and You (are) Best (of) Forgivers.

But they denied him, so seized them the earthquake, and they became in their home fallen prone.

   tarjufu   (1)

(On the) Day will quake the earth and the mountains, and will become the mountains a heap of sand pouring down.

(The) Day will quake the quaking one,

   wal-mur'jifūna   (1)

If (do) not cease the hypocrites and those who in their hearts (is) a disease and those who spread rumors in the city, We will let them overpower you, then not they will remain your neighbor therein except (for) a little,

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