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ق ن ع
General Root Meaning
to be content, satisfied with what is within one's approach, not looking for more, beg with some reservation, beseech earnestly. qani'un (pl. qunna'un) - one who is deserving charity but does not beg, content. muqni'un (vb. 4) - one who lifts up the head. aqna'a - to raise (the head), outstretched neck.
   l-qāniʿa   (1)

And the camels and cattle - We have made them for you among (the) Symbols (of) Allah, for you therein (is) good. So mention (the) name (of) Allah over them (when) lined up; and when are down their sides, then eat from them and feed the needy who do not ask and the needy who ask. Thus We have subjected them to you so that you may be grateful.

   muq'niʿī   (1)

Racing ahead, raised up their heads, not returning towards them their gaze, and their hearts (are) empty.

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