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م ر أ
General Root Meaning
It (food) was wholesome or approved in its result, easy to swallow, not attended by trouble, quick in digesting, light to the stomach, to descend well, to be salubrious in its air (land), in the habit of doing what is approved and shunning what is held base, preserve the soul from filthy actions, to be possessed of manly perfection or manly virtue or moral goodness, give food (on the occasion of building a house or marrying).
   l-maru   (2)

(The) Day will flee a man from his brother,

Indeed We [We] have warned you (of) a punishment near (the) Day will see the man what have sent forth his hands and will say the disbeliever, "O I wish! I were dust!"

   l-mari   (2)

O you who believe! Respond to Allah and His Messenger when he calls you to what gives you life. And know that Allah comes (in) between a man and his heart, and that to Him you will be gathered.

And they followed what recite(d) the devils over (the) kingdom (of) Sulaiman. And not disbelieved Sulaiman [and] but the devils disbelieved, they teach the people [the] magic and what was sent down to the two angels in Babylon, Harut and Marut. And not they both teach any one unless they [both] say, "Only we (are) a trial, so (do) not disbelieve." But they learn from those what [they] causes separation with it between the man and his spouse. And not they (could) at all [be those who] harm with it any one except by permission (of) Allah. And they learn what harms them and not profits them. And indeed they knew that whoever buys it, not for him in the Hereafter any share. And surely evil (is) what they sold with it themselves, if they were (to) know.

   im'ra-a   (1)

O sister (of) Harun! Not was your father a man, evil, and not was your mother unchaste."

   im'ri-in   (2)

For every man among them that Day (will be) a matter occupying him.

Indeed, those who brought the lie (are) a group among you. (Do) not think it bad for you; nay, it (is) good for you. For every person among them (is) what he earned of the sin, and the one who took upon himself a greater share of it among them - for him (is) a punishment great.

And those who believed and followed them their offspring in faith, We will join with them their offspring and not We will deprive them of their deeds (in) any thing. Every person for what he earned (is) pledged.

Does long every person, among them that he enters a Garden (of) Delight?

Nay! Desires every person of them that he may be given pages spread out.

   im'ru-on   (1)

They seek your ruling. Say, "Allah gives you a ruling concerning them (no parent or child) if a man died (and) not he has a child and he has a sister, then for her (is) a half (of) what he left. And he will inherit from her if not is for her a child. But if there were two females then for them two thirds of what he left. But if they were brothers and sisters men and women, then the male will have like share (of) the two females. makes clear Allah to you lest you go astray. And Allah of every thing (is) All-Knower.

   im'ra-atan   (1)

Indeed, I found a woman ruling them and she has been given of every thing and for her (is) a throne great.

   im'ra-atun   (2)

And if a woman fears from her husband ill-conduct or desertion then (there is) no sin on both of them that they make terms of peace between themselves - a reconciliation and [the] reconciliation (is) best. And are swayed the souls (by) greed. But if you do good and fear (Allah), then indeed, Allah is of what you do All-Aware.

And for you (is) half (of) what (is) left by your wives if not is for them a child. But if is for them a child, then for you (is) the fourth of what they left, from after any will they have made [for which] or any debt. And for them (is) the fourth of what you left, if not is for you a child. But if is for you a child, then for them (is) the eighth of what you left from after any will you have made [for which] or any debt. And if [is] a man (whose wealth) is to be inheri (has) no parent or child or a women and for him (is) a brother or a sister, then for each one of (the) two (is) the sixth. But if they are more than that, then they (are) partners in the third, from after any will was made [for which] or any debt without (being) harmful. An ordinance from Allah. And Allah (is) All-Knowing, All-Forbearing.

   im'ra-ata   (1)

presents Allah an example for those who disbelieved - (the) wife (of) Nuh (and the) wife (of) Lut. They were under two [slaves] of Our slaves righteous, but they both betrayed them, so not they availed, both of them, from Allah (in) anything, and it was said, "Enter the Fire with those who enter."

And presents Allah an example for those who believed - (the) wife (of) Firaun, when she said, "My Lord! Build for me near You a house in Paradise, and save me from Firaun and his deeds and save me from the people the wrongdoers."

   im'ra-atu   (2)

When [she] said (the) wife (of) Imran, "My Lord! Indeed, I [I] vowed to You what (is) in my womb, dedicated, so accept from me. Indeed, You, You (are) the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.

He said, "What (was) your affair when you sought to seduce Yusuf from himself?" They said, Forbid Allah!" Not we know about him any evil." Said (the) wife (of) Aziz, "Now (is) manifest the truth. I sought to seduce him from himself, and indeed, he (is) surely of the truthful.

And said (the) wife (of) Firaun, "A comfort (of the) eye for me and for you; (Do) not kill him; perhaps (that) he may benefit us, or we may take him (as) a son." And they (did) not perceive.

And said women in the city, "The wife of Aziz (is) seeking to seduce her slave boy about himself; indeed, he has impassioned her (with) love. Indeed, we [we] surely see her in an error clear."

   im'ra-ataka   (1)

They said, "O Lut! Indeed, we (are) messengers (of) your Lord, never they will reach you. So travel with your family in a part of the night and (let) not look back anyone of you, except your wife. Indeed, it will strike her what will strike them. Indeed, their appointed time (is) morning. Is not the morning near?"

And when [that] came Our messengers (to) Lut he was distressed for them, and felt straitened for them (and) uneasy. And they said, "(Do) not fear and (do) not grieve. Indeed, we (will) save you and your family, except your wife. She (is) of those who remain behind.

   im'ra-atahu   (1)

So We saved him and his family except his wife, she was of those who stayed behind.

Except his wife." We have decreed that she (is) surely of those who remain behind.

So We saved him and his family, except his wife; We destined her (to be) of those who remained behind.

He said, "Indeed, in it (is) Lut." They said, "We know better who (is) in it. We will surely save him and his family, except his wife. She (is) of those who remain behind."

   im'ra-atuhu   (1)

Then came forward his wife with a loud voice, and struck her face and she said, "An old woman barren!"

   im'ra-atī   (1)

And indeed, I [I] fear the successors from after me, and is my wife barren. So give [to] me from Yourself an heir

He said, "My Lord! How can I have a boy, while is my wife barren, and indeed, I have reached of the old age extreme?"

   im'ra-atayni   (1)

And when he came (to the) water (of) Madyan, he found on it a group of men watering, and he found from besides them two women keeping back. He said, "What (is the) matter with both of y They said, "Not we can water until take away the shepherds; and our father (is) old man aged."

   li-im'ra-atihi   (1)

And said the one who bought him of Egypt to his wife, "Make comfortable his stay. Perhaps that (he) will benefit us or we will take him (as) a son." And thus We established Yusuf in the land that We might teach him from (the) interpretation of the events. And Allah (is) Predominant over His affairs, but most (of) the people (do) not know.

   marīan   (1)

And give the women their dower graciously. But if they remit to you of anything of it (on their) own, then eat it (in) satisfaction (and) ease.

   wa-im'ra-atan   (1)

O Prophet! Indeed, We [We] have made lawful to you your wives (to) whom you have given their bridal money and whom you possess rightfully from those (whom) has given Allah to you, and (the) daughters (of) your paternal uncles and (the) daughters (of) your paternal aunts and (the) daughters (of) your maternal uncles and (the) daughters (of) your maternal aunts who emigrated with you, and a woman believing if she gives herself to the Prophet if wishes the Prophet to marry her - only for you, from excluding the believers. Certainly, We know what We have made obligatory upon them concerning their wives and whom they possess rightfully, that not should be on you any discomfort. And is Allah Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful

   wa-im'ra-ata   (1)

presents Allah an example for those who disbelieved - (the) wife (of) Nuh (and the) wife (of) Lut. They were under two [slaves] of Our slaves righteous, but they both betrayed them, so not they availed, both of them, from Allah (in) anything, and it was said, "Enter the Fire with those who enter."

   wa-im'ra-atāni   (1)

O you who believe[d]! When you contract with one another any debt for a term fixed then write it. And let write between you a scribe in justice. And not (should) refuse a scribe that he writes as (has) taught him Allah. So let him write and let dictate the one on whom (is) the right and let him fear Allah, his Lord, and (let him) not diminish from it anything. Then if is the one on him (is) the right, (of) limited understanding, or weak, or not capable that (can) dictate he, then let dictate his guardian with justice. And call for evidence two witnesses among your men. And if not there are two men then one man and two women of whom you agree of [the] witnesses, (so) that (if) [she] errs, one of the two, then will remind one of the two the other. And not (should) refuse the witnesses when that they are called. And not (be) weary that you write it - small or large for its term. That (is) more just near Allah, and more upright for evidence and nearer that not you (have) doubt, except that be a transaction present, you carry out among you, then not on you any sin that not you write it. And take witness when you make commercial transactio And not (should) be harmed (the) scribe and not (the) witness, and if you do, then indeed it (is) sinful conduct for you, and fear Allah. And teaches Allah. And Allah of every thing (is) All-Knower.

   wa-im'ra-atuhu   (1)

And his wife (was) standing and she laughed. Then We gave her glad tidings of Ishaq, and from after Ishaq (of) Yaqub.

And his wife, (the) carrier (of) firewood,

   wa-im'ra-atī   (1)

He said, "My Lord how can (there) be for me a son, and verily has reached me [the] old age and my wife (is) [a] barren?" He said, "Thus; Allah does what He wills."

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