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ح و ت
General Root Meaning
To fly about, prowl around. To go or circuit round about a thing, to strive or endeavour to turn a person, entice a person to turn from a thing, strive or endeavour to beguile a person, strive or contend with a person to repel him, consult a person, consult with a person.
   l-ḥūta   (1)

He said, "Did you see, when we retired to the rock? Then indeed, I [I] forgot the fish. And not made me forget it except the Shaitaan that I mention it. And it took its way into the sea amazingly."

   l-ḥūtu   (1)

Then swallowed him the fish, while he (was) blameworthy.

   l-ḥūti   (1)

So be patient for (the) decision (of) your Lord, and (do) not be like (the) companion (of) the fish, when he called out, while he (was) distressed.

   ḥūtahumā   (1)

But when they reached the junction between them, they forgot their fish, and it took its way into the sea, slipping away.

   ḥītānuhum   (1)

And ask them about the town which was situated (by) the sea, when they transgressed in the (matter of) Sabbath, when came to them their fish (on the) day (of) their Sabbath visibly and (on the) day not they had Sabbath (they did) not come to them. Thus We test them because they were defiantly disobeying.

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