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ح و ل
General Root Meaning
To be changed, come in between, pass by. To be altered or transmuted or changed, to shift or turn from one thing to another, to be shifted or transferred, to move or remove, to become crooked or uneven, shift from one's way or direction or manner, shift or move from one's place, to be shifted or moved to another place, to withdraw or recede from a covenant/compact/agreement/engagement, leap and seat oneself firmly on the back of his beast or horse, to pass, to revolve and pass, become complete, intervene as a seperation/partition/fence/barrier/obstacle/obstruction, to intervene and prevent conjunction or communication, to pour out or forth, make or pronounce a thing to be absurd/inconsistent/self-contradictory/unreal/impossible, to desire or seek a thing using skill/management/blandishment/artifice, seek or endevour a person to do a thing, almost congealed or freezing, look sharply or intently or cast ones eyes on a person, to strike or desire to strike a person with a whip, reckon a person, esteem a person weak, practice evasion or elusion, practice artifice or artful contrivance or device against a person, to trick or plot, practice strategem.