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ح و ج
General Root Meaning
To desire, be in want of, need, require, to find it necessary to do or that one should do a thing, to seek or seek after, to be poor or in poverty (out of want or need), to lead one or oneself aside, forsake one's own way, incline to a person.
   ḥājatan   (3)

And when they entered from where ordered them their father, not it avail(ed) them against Allah any thing but (it was) a need of soul Yaqub which he carried out. And indeed, he (was) a possessor (of) knowledge because We had taught him, but most (of) the people (do) not know.

And for you in them (are) benefits and that you may reach through them a need (that is) in your breasts; and upon them and upon the ships you are carried.

And those who settled (in) the home and (accepted) faith from before them love (those) who emigrated to them, and not they find in their breasts any want of what they were given but prefer over themselves, even though was with them poverty. And whoever is saved (from) stinginess (of) his soul, then those [they] (are) the successful ones.

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